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Ceramics industry gets relief on gas supply front

When the ceramic industry in Khurja is facing possible imposition of anti-dumping duty by the Gulf countries, it got a small reprieve, as Gujarat Gas Limited (GGL) has relaxed norms for gas sales agreements that the state-run company inks with ceramics units for natural gas. The company has decided to calculate ‘excess’ drawing of gas on a monthly basis, against the current practice of daily calculation. Ceramic units have to pay higher prices for gas consumed over the contracted limit. “The decision to calculate excess gas supply on monthly basis will give ceramic units greater flexibility in using gas. We can average consumption over the month and save costs, which was not possible with the daily basis formula,” said Mukesh Ughreja, president of the vitrified tiles division of the Morbi Ceramic Association. Morbi is the largest ceramic tiles manufacturing cluster in India.